E-book: Painting Animals in Oil



A process for creating better paintings of animals. An e-book in PDF format by Simon Bland. 114 pages. 22.4 MB to download. Second edition. The book can be downloaded either by clicking on the Order Details link provided at the end of the checkout process, or by going to My Account then selecting Downloadable Products. You may download the book as often as needed to all your devices and the link will be available as long as you keep an account on this site. You may download new editions of the book as they become available at no extra charge.

Full Description

This book is for all artists who create animal portraits and paintings in the studio.

Do you already have some experience with painting but are just beginning to work on animal subjects? This book gives practical advice to help get you on the right track. As well as providing a good foundation, I show you many ways to improve the design of your paintings.

The main focus of the book is the process by which ideas are generated, used to create a design, and taken through to a finished painting. I’ve drawn on my own experience to show how it’s done in the studio of a professional artist.

It was conceived and written as a book that can be used to solve problems in your own work, guiding you through the many decisions that must be made during the creative process.

Most of the examples given are related to working with oil paints. Although a lot of the discussion about design and painting can be applied to any color medium, it is written with the oil painter in mind.