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A Dog Portrait in Pencil

by Simon Bland / Jun 30, 2017 / Animal Dog Pencil Portrait

Pet Portrait of Nala by artist Simon BlandNala. 14x11, pencil on Revere Silk printmaking paper (warm white). 2017

My wife gifted this to her boss's boss on his retirement. As it was done in secret I had to work from some fairly stinky photos, but I managed to piece them together just enough to get it done.

It was the first time I've Revere paper for a drawing. I found it at the local art store and liked the feel of it. The smooth vellum surface is softer than my usual Fabriano Hot Press and it's more absorbent.

I worked very gently to avoid damaging the surface of the paper. Because of that the pencil marks have almost no silvery glare.