Simon Bland

Simon Bland is a painter of portraits, contemporary landscapes and still life.

Born and raised in Yorkshire, a county in northern England, Simon has been drawing and painting since childhood. After graduating from Cambridge University, he pursued careers in other fields before finally turning his passion for art into a career as a working artist.

His landscapes are either painted in plein air or in his studio from sketches and photographs taken on location. His work reflects the personal journey that has taken him from his beginnings to Virginia, the Pacific Northwest and on to New England.

Since 2003 he has painted full-time, completing over a thousand original works and many more sketches and studies.

In 2022 Simon and his wife, Kate, moved from Seattle to Boston, MA. Once settled into the new location, he will be hard at work completing commissioned works, making new friends, and exploring things and places to paint in and around the city.

Updated September 2022


Photo of artist Simon Bland
Simon Bland