A Few More Sketches and Studies for the Studio Tour

I've been prodigiously busy this week so I'm going to spare the effort of writing a separate post for each painting and, instead, group a few together.  All the paintings will be for sale at stop #4 on the WLAST tour.

A painting of the head of a white rooster.

Barry. 8"x6", oil on linen panel. 2014.

I painted this small picture of Barry from a cell phone photo that our veterinarian provided me, I did this in the winter and I'd forgotten all about it,until I found it while rummaging through a pile of studies in my studio last week.

Painting of an unpaved Virginia road with dark trees and a white farm building in the distance.

The Road to Montcalm. 10"x8" oil on panel. 2014.

I had an emergency this week when a roll of linen that arrived was defective and had to be returned,  Suddenly finding myself without anything to paint on I turned to a salvaged panel that I had laying around.  Primed panels always seem to bring out a certain smooshy texture in my painting, but I managed to keep it relatively under control in this case.

After letting it dry for a few days, I went back and made adjustments to the values in the trees.

A painting of a pig's head.

Pigling. 9"x12" oil on linen panel. 2014.

And here's the final painting, finished this morning. Enjoy!

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