Posts About Art Fairs and Shows

Setting Up an Art Fair Booth


When I do art fairs and shows, I often trade ideas with other artists about booth setup—especially tips on where we get our "stuff". I thought it would be helpful to jot down some notes on my display and tell you where everything comes from....

Magnolia Summerfest


My booth at Magnolia Summerfest Last weekend I set up my booth at Magnolia Summerfest in Seattle. This turned out to be a very pleasant show: lots of people attended, there was really good music (at least on Saturday) and weather in the low 70's both days. I really enjoy doing events like this: not ...

Setting Up for an Event


This post is a regurgitated email that I sent to a friend yesterday. If you're thinking of starting to sell your artwork at events, I've tried to provide a list of the things you'll need. To start, here's my display set up (this is from an event I did in May 2014): You can see that I've been lucky ...