Discovery Park on Foot

Plein air painting done at Discovery Park

Field Study: Discovery Park 040716. 6x12, oil on canvas panel. 2016.


Moving from the Virginia countryside the city of Seattle has forced me to take on a different type of landscape in my paintings; I spent much of the winter trying to paint gray seascapes. However, in Discovery Park there is a small slice of a familiar environment. One of the challenges of painting there is that there are great views everywhere you go. It took a long time for me to pick a setting from all the choices available.
The sky was clear and the light overall had an orange cast. To avoid painting something that was too yellow, I compensated by sticking to a limited palette of chromatic black, burnt sienna and cad yellow light.
It turned out to be colder than I expected so I did most of the work on location then brought the painting back to the studio to finish it.



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