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Discovery Park. Plein air by bike.

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Plein air painting done at Discovery Park

Field Study: Discovery Park 033116. 6x8, oil on canvas panel. 2016

This was painted at Discovery Park in Magnolia today. Since it's such a large area and off limits to road vehicles, I decided to park my car at one of the lots and ride in on my bike. My bike doesn't have a luggage rack so this required some ingenuity; I strapped my palette box to the handlebars and put the rest of my gear across my shoulders.

The support is a homemade panel. I made a bunch of them before we moved to Seattle in order to use up my supply of oil-based primer which I could not bring with us. The surface was more absorbent than I prefer, in fact I needed to apply so much paint to fill the weave of the canvas that I found it was easier to work with a painting knife alone; when I used a brush, the resulting paint surface looked fuzzy and each stroke had poorly defined edges.

My palette was fairly large: radiant blue, ultramarine, chromatic black, burnt sienna, burnt umber, cad yellow light, yellow ochre, and cad red.