Fishing Boat WIP

A painting of the fishing boat Vampy (WIP)

Vampy (WIP). 12x12, oil on linen panel. 2016

You know it's been a long and difficult painting day when the trash bag that contains your discarded paper towels weighs more than the plywood panel you were painting on.

This side view is a painting that I was working on and really struggling with today. I have already painted this in a smaller size (8x8), but it had a very different look, and when I tried scaling it up to the larger panel it didn't look so good. I decided to scrape off the morning's efforts and start from scratch this afternoon.

I shifted to a viridian, alizarin, yellow ochre palette which is very oily and consequently the paint has a lot of shine. That's why I photographed it from the side for now. Updates to come when I have something more finished.

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