Meadow Land. A Re-Worked Painting

Meadow Land. 6x11 approx., oil on linen panel. 2016

Meadow Land. 6x11 approx., oil on linen panel. 2016

Over the course of the year the reject pile in my studio has grown ever larger. Even though I often purge it of the truly bad stuff, it still holds more work than I'd like.

To this end, I decided to split the pile into four smaller groups:

  1. Things that could be re-painted as larger works. These are typically good studies which I did on a small canvas that would work in a larger size. This is a complicated category because these smaller paintings often get framed and offered for sale in their own right. The ones that escape are in the minority.
  2. Paintings that need re-work. Ones that might look better if they were more fleshed out, including paintings that I started in plein air. There are slightly more of these.
  3. Good for studies. Things that are worth keeping because some area in them is painted well enough that the idea could be re-used in another work, but otherwise not good enough to sell. These are in a small majority.
  4. Junk. Things that are headed for the trash can.

The painting above falls into the second category; it's one that I sketched out earlier in the summer and left unfinished. The existing paint layer was thin and completely dry, making it easy to develop and grow the idea further.

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