Painting on Location in Waterford, VA

A plein air painting featuring a barn and a tree. The viewpoint is slightly uphill.

Talbot Farm I. 9" x 12" oil on panel. 2014

This is the first outing of the season for our local group of plein air painters. I decided to attempt a painting of the barns and it proved to be a challenging scene as the sun was partially towards me, something I usually try to avoid.  I also worked on the painting for an hour or so back in my studio.

A plein air painting of a gray barn surrounded by trees. The foreground has lilac-colored accents.

Talbot Farm II. 8x10 oil on panel. 2014

In our second outing to the farm I painted the barns (again) with the sun behind me.  It was a partial cloudy day with a very fine high overcast that took the edge off the sun a little,  I painted this very loose, mostly with big brushes and used a small subset of my palette to control the greens.  I primed this reused panel with white paint a few weeks prior and the remaining brush marks helped provide a lot of texture for very little effort.

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