Painting the Light (A Work in Progress)

Painting of a white barn WIP

Stoney Point. 14x18, oil on linen. 2015 WIP

This is one of those paintings that sits in the studio for a long time while I chip away at it.

What drew me in was the way the point of the roof looks against the light of the sky. Unfortunately I started without a clear focal point in the picture, a rather significant mistake. It's much easier to do that before starting to paint.

It was tempting to start over, but if you've been reading my recent blog posts you'll see that it's not always helpful, unless you first have a better idea for the design. Instead, I decided to crop 2" off the left and bottom of the painting and to re-work some areas.

Completed painting of a white barn

Stoney Point Light. 12x16, oil on panel. 2015.

Here is the finished painting, cropped and with more painting done on the barns and grass. The cropping brought the finished painting close to my original design intent and the window in the barn is now in a better position to serve as a focal point.

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