Recent Work: Feb 2019—the winter stretch

The month of February is one of those times during the year when I have to pull out all the stops to get things ready for my next show. That means I always have four or five new things on the go and I'm painting at least six days a week.

This blog post shows some of that the new paintings that are coming off the easel this winter.


Overlook. 7x11, oil on hemp panel. 2019

This is a re-statement of a small painting that sold last year. I thought the idea was good enough to develop further, but at this size I still think of it as being a sketch. 


Oil painting of sunset over the ocean

Wine Dark Sea. 16x20, oil on hemp. 20190

The great thing about where we live now is getting to see the sky and the water from our house as it changes throughout the day. I'm always on the alert for interesting light.

However, I nearly went off seascapes after spending much of our first winter here doing plein air work on the beach—not only was it always freezing cold, but my efforts were mostly unsuccessful. Since then, I think I've found a way to get better outcomes using a mixture of reference photos, memory and creative license.


Winter Over the Bay. 7x11, oil on hemp panel. 2019

We were snowed in for most of the week. The recycling bin is full. I finally broke down and started on a couple of winter sketches.


Winter Sketch. 5x7, oil on hemp panel. 2019

Small sketches like this are the best way I know for working out ideas before committing to a large canvas.






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