Sketch Marathon Day 26: 26th Avenue Sunset

Sunset over 26th avenue in Magnolia

26th Ave Sunset. 8x10, oil on linen panel. 2016

And so, I think it's appropriate to bring the sketch marathon to a close on day 26 (with a painting of 26th avenue), although, in truth, I likened it more to the actual battle than a foot race.

I learned a lot by working intently to produce as much material as possible in a short space of time, not least a better approach to my plein air work, as well as a new-found respect for the value of small sketches. The intense practice I've undertaken over the past month has helped give me more confidence in my paint handling, too.

It has also made me realize that there's plenty of room for improvement in my technique.

Except for a few pieces early in my career, my landscape work originated by painting outside, on location. On the other hand, my portraits started, and continue to be created, entirely in the studio. In a way, this has given rise to two different approaches to my painting: one dominated by trying to capture light effects; and one dominated by drawing and modelling the form. My next battle will be to bring these two adversaries together to see if I can merge them into a unified approach.

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