Sketch Marathon Day 9: A Seago Palette

Golden Gardens Beach - a painting by Simon Bland

Golden Gardens Beach. 8x10, oil on linen panel. 2016

This painting is ostensibly of Golden Gardens beach, with a lot of clutter removed and the layout of the beach slightly altered.

It's a scene that I've tried to paint before without success. Today, I spent more time developing the composition using notan sketches.The clouds were taken from a plein air work that I did last year. The thing that I really switched gears on here was the sky. I used the same palette that I'd been working with over the weekend with a couple of extra colors added, and with that I was able to mix a very pale green blue reminiscent of that used by Edward Seago.

Stepping outside and looking at the actual color of the sky over the water, I can see that the hue is somewhat stylized. But the pale blue really fits with the high-latitude location and the time of year I was trying to invoke.



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