Sunday Morning in the Studio

A small studio landscape with minimally painted trees, hedgerows and fields done with a limited palette.

Innisfree Sketching: 8x10 oil on linen. 2014

For the past 6 weeks I've been getting in the studio every day at 6AM. I have 20 paintings ready to go for the WLAST studio tour and one delivered to Cooley Gallery in Leesburg, VA.

With some inventory ready for the tour, this morning I felt I could afford to be a little looser and more creative.  I based the sketch above on some of the scenery at Innisfree Farm in Marshall, VA.  I played around with the landscape to make it more open and interesting.

This small landscape of trees alongside an unpaved road features heavy painting knife work.

Yellow Wood Farm Road. 10x8 oil on linen panel. 2014

This sketch is a repaint of one I did earlier that I didn't think was quite up to scratch. I painted over the top of the existing, dry painting by smearing on thick gobs of paint with a palette knife.  I didn't pay any attention to the detail, just tried to get down the big masses and the most important edges.

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