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The First Eight Lives of a Landscape Painting

by Simon Bland / May 30, 2017 / Landscape

Landscape with straw bales, wheat fields, grass textures, distant treeline with some abstraction.

Mountain Road. 12x16, oil on linen panel. 2015-2017

Across the road from a winery in Virginia, hidden from view, lies this field. Rather, the field that originally inspired the painting is there.

In reality, this is a composite of many fields in the area.

It started out as a painting of one field. But every time failed to sell in a show I brought it home and made changes.

By now the painting has gone through so many revisions that the view is unrecognizable. I think it has had major alterations at least 8 times. The most recent prior version is here.

I've recently been making an effort to go through my old work to see if some of it could be salvaged. What I learned from this painting is that if you persist and hang in there long enough sometimes it's possible to turn around even the worst of them.