Portraits of People

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Works in progress can be seen on my blog. Available work can be seen in the gallery.

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An oil painting of a red-headed woman with blue shirt


Image of the portrait of David and Max

David and Max

Graphite drawing of two children


Oil painting of a child


Oil painting of a child


Oil portrait by Simon Bland: The Potter Children, Warrenton, VA

The Potter Children

Oil portrait by Simon Bland: The Trebelhorn Family, Centerville, VA

The Trebelhorns

Oil portrait by Simon Bland: Jim at the Waterford Fair, Waterford, VA

Jim at the Waterford Fair

Oil portrait of Chuck by Simon Bland


Oil portrait of Gemma by Simon Bland

Gemma and family

Oil portrait of Katherine and Gus by Simon Bland

Katherine and Gus

Oil portrait of Kate painted from life by Simon Bland


Pencil portrait of Catherine by Simon Bland


Pencil portrait of Susannah by Simon Bland