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An oil painting of a red-headed woman with blue shirt


An oil painting by Simon Bland of sheep in a green field with a distant tree line.

This Other Eden

Oil portrait of a King Charles spaniel

Maddie M

An oil painting of waves breaking on the beach at low tide

Surf at Ballard Beach

An oil painting of an English springer spaniel with dark vignette.


An oil painting of trees by the shore with and orange to blue color gradient in the trees and sky.

Orchard Point

An oil painting with heavily textured deep yellow foreground done in a limited palette.


An oil painting of the Pacific Northwest Shoreline with blue-green atmospherics

Clam Bay

An abstract oil painting of a dog with yellow background.


An oil painting of cedars in snow with pale grasses.

Cedars in Snow

An oil painting of horses in a field with distant treeline.

Valley Floor

A painting of horses grazing in a field

Lenhart Farm Revisited

A painting of waves crashing into rocks

To The Lighthouse

A portrait of a French Bulldog


A small plein air landscape done at Discovery Park in Seattle, WA by artist Simon Bland

Discovery Park Plein Air II

An oil painting of a farm landscape created with an analogous palette by artist Simon Bland

Meadow Grove Farm

An abstract painting of a rooster by artist Simon Bland


An oil painting of trees at Discovery Park in Seattle, WA.

Fall Colors

An oil painting of horses in a pasture with diffuse light through a distant treeline.

Horses in the North Pasture

An oil painting of a sheep set in a diffuse gray light by artist Simon Bland

Gray Light

An oil painting that was inspired by a winter ferry crossing to Bremerton.

Winter Crossing

A painting of the beach in Ballard

Ballard Beach

oil painting of a sheep

Sheep Purple

A small studio landscape painting done as a combination of several studies.

Open Range