Simon Bland

Artist's Statement

Whether I'm painting a portrait of a dog, a plein air landscape, or something abstract, my aim is to make every work a personal statement, my own framing of a visual experience, a unique take on something that caused me to want to spend days standing in front of a canvas examining it. I tend to do this in spurts, so I might work on, say, animals in the landscape for a while until I come up with an idea that clicks, then move on to the next thing.

My landscapes and portraits have a yin and yang relationship. For example: my landscapes are about solitude, paint textures and the way a big space interacts with light; my portraits are about intimacy, brush work and focusing in on one small part of the whole. I like the way that this makes me have to change gears and refresh my way of thinking every so often—it prevents me from getting stuck in a routine and forces me to keep looking for new solutions to painting challenges.

As I walk this path through the art world, each painting forms a single step of self-examination in what is turning out to be a long journey. Yet, I am always aware that, in the end, my paintings are meant to communicate with others. There is no greater reward than to have a customer like and appreciate my work