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An oil painting of barns at Stoney Point Farm in Hillsboro, VA.

Light Over the Mountain

An oil painting of trees during fall at Oakland Green Farm in Lincoln, VA.

Fall at Oakland Green

An oil painting of a chicken at George's Mill Farm in Lovettsville, VA.


An oil painting of a rabbit.


A painting of hay bales in a field by Furnace Mountain, Lovettsville, VA

Hay Bales by Furnace Mountain

An oil painting of the rooster at George's Mill Farm in Lovettsville, VA.


An oil painting of a holstein heifer (No 817), a member of the herd at Rocky Pointe Farm in Point of Rocks, MD.

Portrait of 817

An oil painting of our yellow lab Hannah


Oil painting of a broodmare, Brusque.


Oil painting of a broodmare, Pier 66.

Pier 66

Oil painting of a rooster's head.

Separate Light from Shadow

Oil painting of the fields at Faraway Farm in Upperville, VA.

Faraway Farm IV

Oil painting portrait sketch of Bradford, done from the customer's own photos.


Oil painting of a field at Sierra Lane, Lovettsville, VA looking west towards the mountains.

Sierra Lane Looking West

Oil painting of rottweiler/mastiff cross called Spartacus


An oil painting of Grace the Australian Shepherd


Graphite drawing of two children


Oil painting of a chicken.

Folk Art Chicken

Oil painting of a horse named Warlock


Oil painting of a ram at Willow Hawk Farm in Lovettsville, VA


Plein air oil painting of Weatherlea Farm in Lovettsville, VA.

Weatherlea (plein air)

Oil painting of a Holstein Cow

Study of 806

Oil painting of trees and pond at Weatherlea Farm.

Fall at Weatherlea Farm

Oil painting of a ram.

Weatherlea Ram