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Oil painting of a child


Oil painting of a child


Oil painting of sheep in a field in Wateford VA.

Morning Light

Oil painting of a chicken.

Chicken Sunday

A sketch of a sheep at Willow Hawk Farm in Lovettsville, VA

Sheep Sketch III

Sketch of Dylan


Shed at Woodgrove Meadows

Woodgrove Meadows (plein air)

Wheat fields at Groveton Farm.

Groveton III

Oil painting of fields at Featherbed Lane in Lovettsville, VA.

Featherbed Lane

Oil painting sketch of Groveton Farm, Middleburg, VA

Wheat Fields at Groveton Farm

Oil painting of wildlife meadows at Innisfree Farm in Rectorstown, VA

Meadows at Innisfree

Oil painting of the view from Silverbrook Farm in Hillsboro, VA

Silverbrook (plein air)

Oil painting of barns on Shelburne Glebe Road in Lincoln, VA

Shelburne Glebe Barns

Oil painting of a rabbit


Plein Air Oil painting of East Lynn farm in Round Hill, VA

East Lynn Farm (plein air)

Oil painting sketch of Phillips Farm, Waterford, VA

Phillips Farm, Waterford

Oil painting of Shakespeare the Cat


Transparent oil painting of a duck


Oil painting of a rabbit

The Rabbit Next Door

Oil painting of Meadow Grove farm in Upperville, VA

Meadow Grove

Oil painting sketch of Waterford, VA

Waterford Sketch

Oil painting portrait of Maya


Oil painting portrait of Nikko


Oil painting portrait of black lab Hudson